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Have an Anti-Aging Winter!

Winter is coming and your skin needs protection! These rough seasons can really damage your skin for the worst. Not only for your face, but also your hands and feet. Along with your anti-aging products, here are a few tips on how to avoid the negative effects of cold weather on your precious skin:

Winter Cold!

Seek someone who really knows! Help is out there, but its not very easy to find. Going to your local drugstore or department store to ask a salesperson for advice is not the best idea. Seeking a professional is your best bet. Finding a good dermatologist is a very good investment because they will be able to analyze your skin type and help you with the best anti-aging product, along with what your daily skin care routine should include.

Moisturize! Just like in the summer, make sure to constantly keep your skin moisturized. Maybe you find that the same product you used for the summer is not quite as appropriate for the winter, as the weather has had varying effects on your skin. when looking for a new one, make sure to read that it is “non clogging” and appropriate for your face. Also, lotions/moisturizers that contain substances such as sorbitol and glycerine will help attract moisture to your skin.

Get your humidifier working! Heaters and heating systems that blast hot air may keep you nice and toasty, but your skin is not taking to it very well. Hook up a humidifier, which will get more moisture flowing through the air, keeping your skin from drying out. Using several of them throughout your house will help evenly disperse the moisture.

Grease up your feet! The lotions you use for the summer to keep cool will not work; you will need stuff that contain petroleum jelly and glycerine. They are stronger components that will keep your skin moisturized. (*extra tip: use exfoliants to get the dead skin off periodically)

These tips will help you keep your skin radiant, moisturized, healthy and fresh. All of these things are great contributors that will work with your routines, whether health wise or beauty wise. Having your body on the right track with the right components is key.