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The Symptoms Of Depression

Affecting many people every year, depression can cause you to alter your lifestyle so very much that others may even accuse you of having become a totally different person.

Depression can lead to you withdrawing, internalizing and to becoming completely flat with your affect and outlook on life.

There are many battling the curse of depression and yet can’t even get past the feelings that they are experiencing to even be able to identify the condition of depression as a health issue that must be addressed.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest of depression for the trees of symptoms of depression that you are enduring.

There are many symptoms of depression that can cause you to lose all the joy you previously felt especially the joy you felt towards things that previously were of interest to you. Depression can also cause you to feel an absence of appetite, an aversion to food, a disdain for sexual feelings and complete and total exhaustion.

Even the most basic of tasks can leave you feeling utterly exhausted and without any energy at all.

Depression is often accompanied by a bucket full of guilt. Depression can cause you to feel as if you are a burden to others close to you or even to society and you may even feel hopeless and that life is not even worth living at all. This may lead to suicidal thoughts or even suicide itself.

Depression can even manifest itself with physical ailments. It can cause muscle pains and aches. These pains associated with depression are typically without physical cause.

Sleep patterns can be severely altered leading to exhaustion like none other. You may find that you have trouble staying asleep, falling asleep or being able to only catch sleep during the day time hours. In fact, there are some times that those suffering with depression sleep very little.

Many of those who battle depression lack the motivation, desire or even the ability to leave their bed or even their home. Often in the seclusion of home, some who suffer with depression with seek comfort in illicit drugs, the abuse of prescription drugs or even in alcohol. This destructive behavior can cause even more problems.

The affects of depression can claim such a grip over your life that it can be hard to beat. It attacks you both physically and mentally. It can begin to control your life and take over your daily existence. Finding the treatment that will work for you can take a lot of time and energy but doing nothing is simply not a choice.

If you are suffering with depression then you have to let people help you. It will take all the support you can gather to beat back this demon. Recognition of the problem is the first thing that you and others must do in order for you to reclaim your health.

A medical professional, who is impartial and willing to tackle the long road of dealing with depression, is the best choice for managing and treating depression.

Symptoms of depression can vary but if you keep these few primary ones in mind you should be able to recognize the symptoms of depression when they manifest themselves either in yourself or others.

Step out and gather the courage to face the symptoms of depression.

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Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

Although you might be worried about your hair fall problem, losing around 150 to 200 hair strands a day is normal. However, if you are losing more than that, you might want to go to a dermatologist and get a proper check up. There can be various reasons why you might be suffering from hair fall.

Let us have a look at some of them.

Reasons for Hair Loss in men:

Our hair’s lifecycle consists of three phases; Anagen which is the active phase of hair so hair grows during this phase, Catagen this is a short phase in which hair starts breaking down, and Telogen the resting phase.

The hair strands that we lose on a daily basis are in their final phase, i.e. Telogen.

Age is also a reason for hair loss in men as the older you get the more hair you lose.

Apart from these natural processes, there can be some serious problems behind the reasons for hair loss in men. Though it can occur because of some internal disease or poor diet, this is not the reason frequently encountered.

It can be the result of a surgery or excessive stress. Some fungal scalp infections also make you lose hair. Health conditions and hormonal problems, like those related to thyroid gland are also a reason for hair loss in men.

The most common reason for hair loss in men is male pattern baldness which usually comes by inheritance. A male hormone, androgen is largely responsible for hair fall or hair growth. In male pattern baldness, androgen combines with 5-alpha reductase, which is an enzyme. This in turn combines with another male hormone, testosterone, which leads to production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT in excessive quantities is harmful for hair as it reduces hair growth and increases hair fall.

Treatment for Hair Loss in men:

Hair loss can be treated and there are several ways for it.

Medicines prescribed by doctors: These take about half a year to show results and may have side effects since they are drugs. You need a doctor’s prescription to go for this treatment.

Hair Transplant: Fast but excruciatingly painful, hair transplant is an expensive solution to your hair fall problem. However the results are immediate. One thing to be considered in this treatment is that not everyone can have it because it also depends on your hair structure and quality.

Natural products: These include herbal solutions and have to be used regularly. Though hair fall reduces within the first few weeks, it takes several months for hair to start growing again. However, this treatment does not have any side effects and does not require medical prescription.

So even though hair loss in men can occur due to a lot of reasons, there are ways to overcome this problem other than wearing a wig!

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Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis can cause serious problems, so everyone should know how to recognize meningitis symptoms. Meningitis is a condition when brain protective membranes are inflamed. It can be caused by bacteria or viruses. Viral meningitis is different from bacterial meningitis. Bacterial meningitis can be very dangerous, even life threatening. It can cause permanent damage, so it is considered a medical emergency.

Meningitis Symptoms

Meningitis symptoms include neck stiffness, fever, headaches, confusion, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light. Children can have skin rash or show symptoms like drowsiness. Skin rash usually occurs in bacterial meningitis.

The most common meningitis symptoms include severe headache, fever, pain in the neck, neck stiffness, vomiting, drowsiness, confusion and sensitivity to light.

Other symptoms include general weakness, pain in muscles and dizziness.

Meningitis symptoms in infants include irritability, fever, and appetite loss, vomiting and rash. Babies with meningitis cry more than usual.

Teenagers can show symptoms like lethargic behavior, chills, fever, sensitivity to light, drowsiness, and neck stiffness. They are at risk of getting meningitis because they have irregular sleeping patterns, and they stay out late, which can make the immune system weaker and incapable of fighting meningitis.

Meningitis symptoms usually develop very fast. If you don’t react in time, it can have serious consequences. Never ignore these symptoms, especially if you have seen them in your child. Meningitis can cause coma, spinal cord damage, and even death. If left untreated, meningitis can cause severe complications and lead to permanent mental problems.

Meningitis Prevention

Meningitis vaccines are used in meningitis prevention. These vaccines are efficient, but there are certain differences. Doctors will decide about the type of meningitis vaccine, based on several factors.

Keeping your hands clean will help you prevent meningitis. You should throw away used handkerchiefs. If someone starts coughing or sneezing, move away. Tell your kid about hygiene and teach him some good habits, like washing hands regularly, especially before meals. Children are more prone to meningitis because they spend much time together and they are not always careful about their hands hygiene.

Bacterial meningitis incubation period usually lasts from three to ten days. The symptoms can develop very fast, so you must know how to recognize them, especially if you have an infant. Bacterial meningitis is extremely dangerous because it spreads fast. It is usually treated with antibiotics. However, your doctor must decide about meningitis treatment. You should never give your child any medications on your own.

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Have an Anti-Aging Winter!

Winter is coming and your skin needs protection! These rough seasons can really damage your skin for the worst. Not only for your face, but also your hands and feet. Along with your anti-aging products, here are a few tips on how to avoid the negative effects of cold weather on your precious skin:

Winter Cold!

Seek someone who really knows! Help is out there, but its not very easy to find. Going to your local drugstore or department store to ask a salesperson for advice is not the best idea. Seeking a professional is your best bet. Finding a good dermatologist is a very good investment because they will be able to analyze your skin type and help you with the best anti-aging product, along with what your daily skin care routine should include.

Moisturize! Just like in the summer, make sure to constantly keep your skin moisturized. Maybe you find that the same product you used for the summer is not quite as appropriate for the winter, as the weather has had varying effects on your skin. when looking for a new one, make sure to read that it is “non clogging” and appropriate for your face. Also, lotions/moisturizers that contain substances such as sorbitol and glycerine will help attract moisture to your skin.

Get your humidifier working! Heaters and heating systems that blast hot air may keep you nice and toasty, but your skin is not taking to it very well. Hook up a humidifier, which will get more moisture flowing through the air, keeping your skin from drying out. Using several of them throughout your house will help evenly disperse the moisture.

Grease up your feet! The lotions you use for the summer to keep cool will not work; you will need stuff that contain petroleum jelly and glycerine. They are stronger components that will keep your skin moisturized. (*extra tip: use exfoliants to get the dead skin off periodically)

These tips will help you keep your skin radiant, moisturized, healthy and fresh. All of these things are great contributors that will work with your routines, whether health wise or beauty wise. Having your body on the right track with the right components is key.

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6 Health Benefits Of Sardines

Sardines are the first food that was ever to be processed as canned food. It was a less known fish item until Napoleon came up with the idea of making it canned. The name sardine came from the Italian island Sardinia. This small fish is surprisingly packed with various nutritional and health beneficiary properties. Sardine fish is a great source of antioxidants and antibacterial properties like selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B, K, C and potassium, calcium, phosphorus and so other components. The health benefits of sardines fish offered to you are as follows:

1) A Healthy Heart

Sardine fish is very much beneficiary for our cardiac health. It is one of the most potent sources of healthy omega 3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. These fatty acids help us to lower the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in our body. Cholesterol is one of the leading reasons that causes various heart diseases.

Harmful LDL cholesterols blocks the arteries that supply blood to our heart. On the other hand free radicals influence glucose and proteins to turn into fats which causes obesity and sometimes lead us to cardiac failure. By diminishing the free radicals and maintaining the cholesterol level in our body, sardine fish helps to keep our heart healthy.

2) Anti-Cancer Property

Vitamin D is a key component to regulate our cell cycle process properly. Dysfunction in cell cycle can cause cancer cell development in our body.

By providing adequate vitamin D, sardine fish can help us to prevent cancer. On the other hand,sardine is a very rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants work as a detoxifying agent and prevent and wash out free radicals which are responsible for cancer cell development. Vitamin B12 present in sardine fish helps to lower the levels of homocystine. Homocystine can damage the walls of our artery. All these properties of sardine fish make it a good prevention against cancer.

3) Strong Bone

Sardine fish can offer us an excellent amount of vitamin D and calcium. Calcium is the most important component that helps to build and maintain our bone structure. Vitamin D helps the bones to absorb calcium and other necessary nutrients. Vitamin D has anti inflammatory properties that can reduce pain of bone joints and bone dysfunction. Sardine fish is also a rich source of phosphorus that strengthens our bones. As an abundant source of omega 3 fatty acids, this fish surprisingly helps to make our bone joints more flexible and maintain the balance of collagen level in our bones.

4) Ocular health

Macula is a small but a crucial part of our eye. It helps us to see things clearly. The 3D vision of our eye is also dependent on macular which enables us to measure height as well as length and width of a thing. This part of the eye is vulnerable to the harmful UV rays  of the Sun. UV rays can cause macular degeneration, which may damage our visionary health. Consuming sardine fish, we can protect our eyes from the harmful effect of UV rays. Omega 3 fatty acids that sardine fish provides us, can prevent the UV rays. Omega 3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of getting eye disorders like dry eyes. Vitamin A present in sardine fish also improves our normal vision as well as night vision.

5) Skin care:

Sardine fish is a great food that can take care of our skin. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in sardine fish gives it abilities to moisturize our skin. It also promotes the production of collagen and elastin in our skin cells, which maintains the elasticity of our skin. Omega 3  fatty acids can remove skin blemishes and wrinkles. It also slows the process of the skin cell’s ageing. The detoxifying properties of sardine fish enable it to keep our skin clean and appear bright and glowing.

6) Hair care:

The omega 3 fatty acids can give us healthy hair. As sardine fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, consuming this fish can prevent hair fall. Omega 3 acids providenecessary nutrients that helps our hair to grow more and it also keeps the scalp dandruff free. The rich supply of protein that sardine fish can provide us, makes the root of our hair strong.